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your restaurant
:: you are in Control

Choose only the Claren Menu equipment and services that is right for your restaurant.  Setup will be customized, fully functional and ready to use within days with no long term commitments.

You Control:


> only the services you need

> only the equipment you need

> no existing POS required

> no commissions or per order fees

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity."


Amelia Earhart

KIOSKS - Self Service

Provide your loyal customers the ability to order and pay directly from your customized online menu.  Included management tools allow restaurants to administer their own online menu.  Streamline your own take out and pick up process while eliminating your dependence on 3rd party delivery services.

Provide customers with options for onsite ordering and payments while cutting down on customer wait times.  Customers will have the the option for both dine-in and take out orders while enhancing staff efficiency.  Kiosks can be utilized to facilitate continuing social distancing standards for both customers and staff.

KIOSKS - Mobile/Walk Thru

Provide onsite options for mobile ordering and payments with alternatives for drive thru facilities.  Capture incremental business with visibility for foot and vehicle traffic with ordering capability outside of the restaurant facilities. 

Provide a secure, efficient and convenient contact-less payment system for call-in customers.  Minimize time on the phone, issues with collecting payment information over the phone and allow customers to pick up and go. 

Provide staff with integrated order information from online and kiosk orders.  Reduce errors eliminating the need to re-enter order information and provide customers with up to date information on the status of orders.

Establish or upgrade your restaurant's online presence with a website.  Comprehensive services include establishment of domain (web address), design, hosting and maintenance.  Get your their online presence up in a matter of days.

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